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Citizen Matters brings you the best of Solutions Journalism

Summer is here and that means, school breaks and vacations. What we won’t take a break from is continuing to give you the best of local solutions journalism in India.

Over the next few weeks of our summer fundraiser, we are going to ask you to open your hearts and wallets to support journalism that is making Bengaluru a better place.

Each week, we will be sending you a mail with key reasons to support the work of Citizen Matters and we hope you can forward it to 3 friends. Please help us spread the word so we can continue to write about problems that affect your life and the solutions that can make a difference.

#1: Citizen Matters brings you the best of Solutions Journalism!

So many changes have happened in Bengaluru and beyond, thanks to the amazing spirit of our citizens. Some recent examples:

  • From the deep problems of Solid Waste Management and the broken system to SWM volunteers showing how communities can segregate and encourage wards to go plastic free.
  • From the complexity of buying properties to the lobby that helped pass the Real Estate Bill
  • From understanding man-animal conflict to dealing with leopards visiting our neighbourhoods

A donation of 5,000 rupees will pay for one article. (80G exemption for all donations).

How to donate

To pay through our online payment gateway here

For any queries, write to us on

Thank you and hope to get your support!

Meera K
Citizen Matters & Trustee, Oorvani Foundation