• Citizen Matters

    Citizen Matters

    Catalysing better cities by empowering citizens with the right knowledge and understanding »
  • OpenCity.in


    To bring in visibility and transparency into urban local governance and enable data based decision making in cities »
  • Co Media Lab

    Co Media Lab

    Enabling cross pollination of knowledge and ideas, amplify community voices and citizen engagement and build a culture of collective problem solving »

Brief look at our Covid-19 coverage

We ask and answer what makes cities resilient, so we can be better prepared for events and eventualities. Read, engage and support this work, as we share insightful reports on systemic issues, explainers and how-tos, »


On collaborative networks for local journalism

The Global Investigative Journalism conference brings together some of the best journalists in the world, with discussions and workshops on the latest investigative techniques, data analysis, cross-border collaboration, and more! The conference is organised every »