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India Civic Summit 2024

23rd March 2024, at IAT, Queens Road, Bengaluru

Join us for a day filled with stories, perspectives, insight, inspiration and celebration

In the 15th year of Citizen Matters and the 10th year of Oorvani Foundation, we are excited to host a convening of people committed to making better cities – India Civic Summit 2024. The event will bring together active citizens and community volunteers, working to solve civic, environmental and urban challenges. The sessions include: 

  • Stories of change: Talks by civic changemakers about their initiatives
  • The secret sauce of civic change: Discussions on how diverse initiatives have helped in the journey towards sustainable and liveable cities, identifying best practices and solutions
  • Learning sessions on effective engagement, youth involvement and climate future of cities
  • Recognition of impactful civic initiatives

Sessions are designed to foster discussions, share experiences, and explore innovative and impactful civic solutions that are making our cities more sustainable and liveable.


10 amOpening session

Special Guests:
▶️ P Manivannan (IAS),
▶️ Priya Ramasubban (Award-winning filmmaker)
11 amChangemakers and Community Initiatives
Explore the journey of local, grassroots initiatives, and their transformative power. Gain insight into connecting with communities, navigating stakeholder dynamics, and overcoming challenges.

▶️ Sharath Kumar G (Vyasai Thozhargal)
▶️ Sreekumar Krishnan (Save Navi Mumbai Environment group) 
▶️ Preeti Sunderrajan (Citizens for Sankey)
▶️ Nithya Ramakrishnan (Whitefield Rising)
▶️ P Rohini Rajasekharan
▶️ Sathya Sankaran (Bicycle Mayor) 
12 pmPanel: Institutionalising Change
Why is it essential to address interlinked issues, particularly beyond the local level and push narratives city-wide and beyond. What strategies help shift goalposts towards lasting solutions, advocating for systemic change, and ensuring sustainable progress in our cities?

▶️ V Ravichandar (Civic Evangelist)
▶️ Asiya Khan (Save Chevella Banyans)
▶️ Raghavendra HS (Ward Committee Balaga)
▶️ Anjali Karol Mohan (Urban Planner)
▶️ Srikanth Narasimhan (Bengaluru Navanirmana Party)
2 pm

Parallel Sessions
Best Practices Panel: Building strong community foundations – engaging youth and volunteers
Communities often drive the invisible work that goes into sustaining incremental change. In this session, we delve into what it takes to build strong foundations for communities and what community support could look like. It will also explore what it takes to engage youth as active participants with avenues to re-imagine cities through their own experiences. Actionable takeaways will facilitate meaningful community participation.

▶️ Gowri Omanakuttan (Communications Consultant)
▶️ Benisha Maggie (Chennai Climate Action Group)
▶️ Harsh Snehanshu (Cubbon Reads)
▶️ Dhruv Nagaraj Koundinya (Friends of BMTC)
▶️ Disha Ravi (Fridays for Future)
Masterclass: Civic issues, Climate change and YOU!
Join us as we explore the interconnectedness of day-to-day civic problems and climate-related challenges, share inspiring stories of local climate champions, and discover how you can lead impactful climate action in your own work and neighbourhood.

▶️ Facilitated by Ajay Raghavan and Jai Warrier, Initiative for Climate Action 
Discussion: Is there burnout in civic activism?
What inspires citizens to become Active Citizens? What stops them? A debate on the way forward.

▶️ Facilitated by Srinivas Alavilli and Vikram Rai
4 pmCM Spotlight: Stories of Change
Citizen Matters Editors share stories of impactful projects

Special Guests:
▶️ Vani Murthy  (Sustainability practitioner and digital creator) 
▶️ VS Sudhakar (Co-founder, Big Basket)


P Manivannan

Govt of Karnataka

Priya Ramasubban

Filmmaker, Lake Activist

Vani Murthy

Sustainability Practitioner,
Digital Creator

Sudhakar VS

Big Basket

Sathya Sankaran

Bicycle Mayor

Sharath Kumar G

Vyasai Thozhargal

Sreekumar Krishnan

Save Navi Mumbai

Preeti Sunderrajan

Citizens for Sankey

Nithya Ramakrishnan

Whitefield Rising

P Rohini Rajasekaran


V Ravichandar

Civic Evangelist

Asiya Khan

Save Chevella Banyans

Raghavendra HS

Ward Committee Balaga

Anjali Karol Mohan

Urban Planner

Srikanth Narasimhan

Bengaluru Navanirmana Party

Gowri Omanakuttan

Communications Consultant

Benisha Maggie

Chennai Climate Action Group

Harsh Snehanshu

Cubbon Reads

Dhruv Nagaraj Koundinya

Friends of BMTC

Disha Ravi

Fridays for Future

Jai Warrier

Initiative for Climate Action

Ajay Raghavan

Initiative for Climate Action

Vikram Rai

Bangalore Apartment Federation

Srinivas Alavilli

WRI India