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On Citizen Matters’ journalism

A few weeks back, we reached out to a couple of our guest contributors on Citizen Matters to get them to tell us nice things about us 🙂

We asked them what they thought about the journalism on Citizen Matters and the role of Oorvani’s independent journalism on the important issues of our times. Here’s what they had to say:

Yogaraj Mudalgi: Writer for Citizen Matters


“Citizen Matters practices city journalism in a way that very few publications do. What sets them apart is that they believe in building communities than just reporting events that occur in Bangalore. Having worked with them, I could see the difference that Citizen Matters made to people and communities they interfaced with. Their unswerving commitment to accuracy, fair, and independent reporting is truly inspiring.”

Kathyayini ChamarajExecutive Trustee, CIVIC Bangalore


“Citizen Matters has been filling a deep-felt need for in-depth, objective reporting on issues relevant to Bangalore. It has been factual, accurate, fearless and impartial, which are the hallmarks of good journalism.  Citizens of Bangalore should extend their support to Citizen Matters and become stakeholders in this initiative so that it can continue to remain independent and accountable to the larger public.”

Gopal MSCreative Director at Tailor and Street Photographer  


“No one trusts the Indian media. However we are more likely to trust an eyewitness account of a person who is connected, lives or works in a neighbourhood. Each of us have a story to tell about the community we live in and if the stories can help make our lives better, we should do it. Citizen Matters has been instrumental is using available technology to make that happen and I hope that it can evolve to play a much bigger role in making it happen across India.”