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At work – inside our office

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Mint has this series of articles on offices of well-known companies and how they help the brand. You can read the article here. They note “office design serves to motivate employees and instill a sense of belonging in them”.

I wonder how our office space is perceived by our employees and the rare visitors. It is slightly messy with industrial looking cement flooring. Dust and cobwebs can be noticed if you look hard.

When we moved in, the only thing we did was put a partition to make a meeting room and fixed a few desks on one side. Most desks were second-hand or donated or jugaad stuff we picked up from here and there (Three desks thanks to Rashmi Vallabhajosyula). Subbu donated the cane sofa set and the fridge. I brought the microwave and cups from my home.

See Subbu at this 40-year-old desk. (This was my late father’s).


The only thing we have tried consciously is to get a space that is well ventilated and has a view of  trees. At all the three offices we have occupied thus far, we have been lucky. Look at these gorgeous trees right outside our office!



We never spent any money doing it up. Because it was all reserved for doing the journalism that needed to be done…

-Meera K