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The Fundraising Fortnight at Citizen Matters

In the past year, over 1100 articles were published by Citizen Matters on issues ranging from health to infrastructure. We crossed a million views in four out of the twelve months! In spite of the overload of covid related news all around us, we wrote 400+ covid related articles, updates and guides – each of which were viewed extensively. This is a testimonial that our work mattered to millions of people in this difficult year. In other deep diving articles and explainers, we continued to focus on sharing important information that would enable readers to become changemakers. In depth research and diligent reporting is what we are known for and we will only strengthen it further. 

The bi-annual fundraising campaign is when we reach out to our key stakeholder – our readers, we request them to become a greater part in our journey. Appeals are shared on our website and social media. We have a supportive mix of donors! We have some donors who are happy to donate once a year while others find it more convenient to set up a recurring donation. We repeatedly emphasise that no amount is too small and every donation makes a difference. 

Individual donors have been a critical part of Citizen Matters, not only during the fundraising campaign but throughout the year and we are extremely grateful to them.