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Social Venture Partners collaborates with Oorvani Foundation for the Cities of India Fellowship

Oorvani Foundation is proud to announce its collaboration with Social Venture Partners, Bengaluru (SVP) to explore important issues that affect Bengalureans. These articles will be part of the SVP Cities of India, Bengaluru fellowship supported by Social Venture Partners, Bengaluru.

Citizen Matters will publish stories centered around the theme ‘Insights into Bengaluru’. The articles will focus on elements or issues that affect citizens in Bengaluru that are quite often missing from everyday journalistic discourse.  The main aim of this exercise is to help build on a richer body of knowledge that citizens, experts alike can access and accordingly discuss in their discourses around civic governance and development.

Our journalism goes beyond the mainstream mandate of informing the general public of issues they face, in their everyday existence in cities. In the current media climate, nuance and details are often lost in the multitude of reports and articles that the mainstream media churns out on a daily basis. This series with in-depth and follow-up reporting and data journalism, complemented by analysis, commentary and op-eds will dive deep into each topic and provide context and understanding of the issues, as well as highlight solutions in the space.

During the course of this fellowship, Citizen Matters will produce in depth analytical stories on a wide array of issues- such as environment, education, employability, inclusivity in cities, migration among other issues.  This exercise will also focus on building conversations across social media platforms, with citizens and other onground organisations.

The Citizen Matters model enriches public discourse by getting citizens to engage with issues that impact them directly and involve themselves in collaborative efforts aimed at resolving community issues.

Social Venture Partners is a global network of philanthropists, community volunteers, leaders, parents working collaboratively to solve the plethora of challenges that communities across the globe deal with.