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New project to strengthen citizen journalism, in collaboration with Deakin Univ, Ideosync

Co Media Lab, our joint initiative with Radio Active 90.4 MHz CR, is happy to share it will be a part of an international project on community media. The project, supported by the Australia India Council (AIC), is spearheaded by Prof Usha Rodrigues, Deakin University and India partners are Jain University and Ideosync.

The project titled ‘Capacity-building and knowledge-sharing in citizen journalism enterprise’ aims at bringing together existing community media practitioners, working across various communication technologies such as community radio, online platforms, community theatre, art and music, community video, games etc.

The project will help in building capacities of citizen journalists and university students, equipping them with the requisite skills needed for a more nuanced coverage of socio-economic issues within their local communities.

Symposium in September

A symposium titled ‘Community & Citizen Media Exchange dialogue’ is planned to be held in September, in partnership with Deakin University and Ideosync. The symposium will host practitioners and experts working across a wide array of local and participatory community media initiatives.

The two day event will explore aspects of community media and the role it plays in deepening civic engagement, and the various appropriate technologies that are being developed and used across the country.

Watch this space for further updates on the event. If you’re a citizen journalist or a student and you wish to participate, please reach us on