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Shilpi is running to save Bengaluru’s lakes. Will you support her?

Shilpi Sahu, a resident of Sarjapur Road and a seasoned runner is running the TCS 10K on May 15th. She is not onlyrunning to get across the finish line, but also to raise funds to support Citizen Matters’ coverage on lakes.


Since 2007, Citizen Matters has featured close to 400 stories on Bengaluru’s lakes. From investigating the nexus between the government and builders that allows rampant development on lake beds, to stories about watchful local groups trying tosave the lake ecosystem, we have documented all the important news about lakes in Bengaluru.

Here are some of our stories.

Our committed coverage of lakes, supported by ample citizen reports, has helped raise awareness on various lakes in the city and their shocking state. They have catalysed citizens into taking action, and the government has in many cases responded. Over 30 to 40 lakes in the city are now in the process of getting saved.

Contribute to Shilpi’s campaign for lakes to enable Citizen Matters to continue our in-depth coverage and in the process, give Bengaluru’s lakes another lifeline. Click here to contribute.