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Quick update and an appeal from Oorvani Foundation

Season’s greetings to you!
It is time for the half yearly fundraiser from Oorvani Foundation. In 2014-15, we have been able to:

  • Publish 787 articles on Citizen Matters including hard investigative pieces, data and analysis, informative guides and reports from citizen changemakers themselves!
  • Consistently reach over a lakh readers each month.

The reporting covered an incredible range and depth of stories and continued to make a difference – by improving perspective, catalysing citizen action, helping people resolve problems, highlighting abuse of power, wrongdoing, and violations, and drawing attention to important but under-reported topics. We started the Open Media initiative to work with other media to increase the reach and impact, and put significant effort into data journalism and in-depth election coverage. More in our annual report.

All this was because readers like you donated last time.

This festive season, we again reach out to you. This time, we request you to consider a monthly recurring donation. We are also invite you to join the journey – help us raise funds, collaborate on stories. More on this and how to donate:


Best Regards,

Subramaniam Vincent & Meera K
Co-founders, Citizen Matters & Trustees, Oorvani Foundation