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The heroes among us – Our donors

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While we consider all our donors our heroes for believing in what we do, there are some to whom we must extend our special appreciation.

In December, one of our readers was a runner-up in the Midnight Marathon. She donated her winnings from the race to Oorvani Foundation.

In February, a gentleman sent us Rs 5,000. This was his second donation since December (he had already contributed Rs 10,000). On sending him the receipt for this donation, he responded with a special note for the team which said, “I’m not sure if you get enough appreciation for what you do. If you don’t, that’s sad because your work is important and I hope more people realise that. Please do keep up the excellent work that all of you’re putting in.”

Again in March, we received a donation of Rs 17,000 from a young architect in his early 20s. He had been working for a year and a half, and every month had been putting away Rs 1,000, to donate to a ‘good cause’.  And Citizen Matters was the cause that he chose!

We wrote to him asking if we could feature his story as a blog post on the foundation website and this was his response: “I look forward to following your endeavours. As a citizen I am proud that we have access to independent media, who look into what matters to us. Please do not consider this as a donation, but as a rightful payment for the content that I have consumed and will continue to do so.” What made his donation really special was that this young man did not come in the tax bracket as yet, and yet he chose to donate close to 10% of his annual income to us!

Though we have not named these people, we’re sure that they know who they are. These stories certainly make us feel proud and understand why we do, what we do!

The complete list of donors from August 2013 can be viewed here.

To all our donors, a BIG thank you!