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Amitabha Basu calls for democratic-minded individuals to support India Together


Amitabha Basu is a retired National Physical Laboratory scientist. He is also an India Together reader. What he had to say about India Together recently encourages and inspires us to work even harder to bring you more meaningful and authentic journalism in the days ahead. Thank you, Mr Basu!

As a retired scientist from a government laboratory, and a citizen who is concerned about the freedom to express one’s opinion and engage in civilised debate on various social, cultural and political issues facing our country and society, I am appalled at the shrinking space for the healthy and civilised exchange of rational and scientific views and opinions, especially over the recent months. 

Under these circumstances, I believe that India Together offers an excellent forum for people from diverse fields of expertise to present their views, share their experiences and raise questions about where our country and society are headed in the future. I urge all democratic-minded individuals to read, contribute to and publicise the e-newsletters from India Together. All power and success to the India Together staff for their excellent and vital contribution to our society!