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This election season, be a champion for independent media!



This Election season, Citizen Matters has a very special project on the cards. We will be presenting an exclusive coverage of the Lok Sabha Elections 2014, with a special focus on the MPs who represented Bangalore for the past five years, and the candidates who will be doing so for the next five. We hope to present all the data that people need to make an informed decision before they make their choice on Election Day.

Our mission behind the campaign is two-fold:

  1. to empower people like you with the right information
  2. to encourage people to vote

During the course of the campaign we hope to address the following questions.

  • How have the current MPs performed?
  • What have they done in their constituencies?
  • How much money have they spent from their budget and on what?
  • Who are the candidates, what have they done so far?
  • What do they plan to do if elected and how?
  • How can citizens check the voter rolls and get to the booth on Election Day?

Help Citizen Matters ask these questions and get you the answers.

In addition to Bangalore, we will also cover some part of the action in other metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Chennai on India Together. This will go live  by mid-March 2014.

We promise to present the data that you need, to make an informed decision at the upcoming elections.  It is only when we pick the right leaders that we can hope for change on a large-scale.

Contribute today, so we get a chance to know and vote for the right candidate.