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Shutterbugs on our side

The Oorvani Foundation is all set to dive deep into its fund-raising campaign. And before we can get the janta involved, we have two shutterbugs on board.

Meet Sugandhi and Rana Belur – photographers, amateur filmmakers, nature and wildlife lovers and overall good guys. They are making the video for our new fundraising campaign on Wishberry – we’ll be posting a link to this very soon, so keep your eyes open.

Along with a ‘turn your face that way, but look this way’ and ‘say something other than cheese’, we also get a lovely dose of stories about other matters. There’s an interesting one about how people love gore and will therefore look at a 15 minute video of wild dogs feasting on a kill, instead a 2 minute clip of pretty birds in Ganeshgudi.

There’s another that we love – this one features an erstwhile Karnataka CM, trying his damndest to direct his car in the wrong direction on a one-way street; Rana and Sugandhi absolutely refused to move even after policemen requested them (‘He is a VVIP!’). You’re our heroes! We really couldn’t ask for a more delightful duo to collaborate with.

A little while back they took a break from their corporate jobs in a Bangalore based IT company, to set out into the world, travel, meet people, learn new things and at the end of the day, do something that matters. At the heart of all their work is the need to make a difference.

So more often than not, you can find them making wildlife documentaries, shooting videos for social causes and the like – whether it means waking up at an ungodly hour to record the whistle of the Malabar Whistling Thrush (interesting aside, this bird also called the Whistling School Boy) or putting other plans on hold to help us out.

Read more about them and their work on their blog, You can also find them on YouTube, SugandhiRanaBelur.

Rana and Sugandhi, we look forward to a long association with you!