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Non-partisan journalism – how we do it

How do we ensure our journalism is non-partisan?

Non-partisan to us means this: While doing reporting, we do not favour the views or candidates of any political party for the sake of it, or a political faction within a party.

First, we have a clear editorial mandate and policy. This editorial policy is a system for ensuring independence from faction. For instance if any of our own directors or trustees are involved in work relating to an issue or topic of an inquiry, that individual will recuse themselves from any editorial oversight process for that inquiry.

This system guides our work and will ensure the editorial team does not get influenced by partisan interests during reporting and editorial review of reports.

Also, this does not mean we will not carry opinion that will argue for or against positions that are taken by one party or other from time to time. We may also in our official editorials endorse a candidate if we feel his or her credentials are above the rest of the contestants in a race.

Second, the broad thrust of our editorial policy is liberal. This means as a media organisation our cultural values are liberal. Our public policy editorials will argue for more support for the under-privileged than less. And so forth.