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India Civic Summit: Calling all active citizens!

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We are thrilled to extend an invitation to the India Civic Summit on 23rd March 2024!

In the 15th year of Citizen Matters and the 10th year of Oorvani Foundation, we are excited to host a convening of people committed to making better cities – India Civic Summit 2024. The event will bring together active citizens and community volunteers, working to solve civic, environmental and urban challenges.

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Yet another event?

Let me first explain, what this event is not. It is not meant to be the usual seminar to discuss problems and their solutions. This is not meant for discussing Bengaluru’s water problem for the nth time. Or talking about how cities don’t have a master plan. Or rant about corruption. You will not find any government official to listen to your civic complaints or experts advocating fixes. It is not a large conference to raise awareness in lay audiences on various issues. In fact, the focus is not going to be on any specific civic issue – for that, there is the Citizen Matters website, and our webinars and workshops.

It is a convening for active citizens. There will be inspiring stories. There will be networking. We will hear from changemakers on their initiatives and deliberate on what makes them tick. How do we navigate local dynamics or address interlinked issues? What strategies help shift goalposts towards systemic solutions? What brings transformation and how do you sustain yourself through the arduous journey without burning out?

Towards a shared vision

In the past few years, particularly after the pandemic, we have sensed a shift in the civic ecosystem. Initiatives that had previously been successful now face new obstacles. Some saw reduced engagement or support from their community. Regulatory and financial issues compound the problem. Active citizens who are continuing to push for change feel disheartened at times. On many days, community volunteering may feel like a thankless and exhausting job.

An event like this is also about reaffirming our commitment to the idea of a better world, or at the very least, a better city! It can be inspiring to meet dedicated individuals with a range of experiences and backgrounds and to hear about their stories of change. Meaningful conversations can help us discover better ideas and better ways of making a difference!

Join us on 23rd March we are looking forward to meeting you!