FY 2019-20 Annual Report


Relationship with Oorvani Media

Citizen Matters, India Together and other brands are owned by Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd as of 2013. The Oorvani Media and Oorvani Foundation MoU covers co development of the brands with full rights by each party.

Oorvani Media was funded by the promoters and supported by angel friends and family; shareholders include: Subramaniam A Vincent, Meera Krishnamoorthy, Ashwin Mahesh, Venkataraman Ravichandar, Anand Sudarshan, Rajiv Kuchhal, C S Prasad Subramanian, K N Hari Krishnan/Usha Krishnan, Srinivasan Lakshmi Narasimhan, Rajan Narayanan, Boopathi Veerappan, Vishwanath Kuruganti, Geeta Krishnamurthy, K Chandrasekharan, Harish Narsappa, Rama N S, T.V Mohandas Pai, G P Chandra Kumar, Mapunity Information Services Private Limited, Savita Kini.

If any journalism developed by Oorvani Foundation refers to any of the investors, the organisation will ensure full disclosure along with the story.





Charitable trust registration no: BNG-BMH244/2013-14

Date of registration: 6th August, 2013


Meera K
Meenakshi Ramesh
Ashwin Mahesh

Registered Address

98/1, MMR Plaza, Sarjapur Road, Jakkasandra, Bengaluru – 560034, Karnataka

Administrative Address

63, Abshot Layout, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru – 560052, Karnataka

Income Tax Registrations u/s 12AA

Oorvani Foundation is registered as a charitable trust u/s 12 A of Income Tax Act 1961 Vide No. DIT(E)BLR/12A/H-257/AAATO4080E/ITO(E)-2/Vol 2013-2014 with effect from AY 2014-15.

Approval for exemption u/s 80G(5)(vi)

Any donations made to Oorvani Foundation are exempt u/s 80G subject to limits prescribed under the Income Tax Act 1961. Approval no. DIT(E)BLR/80G/12A/H-257/AAATO4080E/ITO(E)-2/Vol 2013-2014 with effect from AY 2014-2015.