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Open Media Initiative

This is an initiative from Oorvani Foundation, a Bangalore-based media non-profit that functions as an independent newsroom developing public-affairs journalism characterised by depth, perspective and proportion, with focus on governance, citizenship and society in India at city, state and national level.

Sharing our journalism

The journalism we develop is made possible with the support of readers and public funding. We share select stories with other media in addition to publishing them on Citizen Matters and India Together, in order to benefit more citizens and reach offline audiences too.
We also collaborate and partner with other media to develop stories. Our publishing partners and collaboration partners are proven media organisations with commitment, contribute to local community and often have a key focus on urban development.


At a specified frequency based on mutual convenience, Oorvani Foundation sends links to stories from the list available. The stories could be an in-depth report, feature, useful guide or about some community initiative. No media house can republish our stories in an ad-hoc, wholesale or automatic manner.

Partners are welcome to translate and republish the content,
Partners need to ensure editorial integrity and accuracy during translation.
The partner can select one (or more) of them to publish in their newspaper or website.
Credit text in printed/online publications – see below.


We do not charge any fee to non-profit partners who are sharing the content freely with their audience. In other cases, we charge the partner a fee.

Do remember:

  • A publication can take stories only after they sign up as a partner with Oorvani Foundation.
  • Partners must mention the name of the original author.
  • Translated stories must also carry credits to Oorvani Foundation, and translated article links must be sent back to our website.
  • Photographs, audio, video and other content need explicit permission unless shared by Oorvani Foundation along with the story.
  • Add link to the published articles from Citizen Matters/ India Together. All links from the original story should be published too.
  • Partners must share their contact details in their publication/website so they readers can communicate any issues or inaccuracies about the article. Such feedback should be shared back with Oorvani Foundation.
  • Each quarter, the partner has to share data for total readership for each article republished.
  • Partner will need to follow the same principles and ethics of journalism, while developing further on a story originally shared by Oorvani Foundation.

Open Media Initiative does not encourage these:

  • No media house can republish the stories in a wholesale or automatic manner. Because not all of our stories will be open for sharing.
  • No media house can republish the stories without explicit official permission.
  • Partners cannot edit our material, except to conform to their editorial style guide or by prior arrangement. If a story is modified from our original article, partners should share the same prior to publishing and use appropriate credit (see below)
  • Partners cannot sell our material separately or syndicate it.
  • Partners cannot raise funds or sell ads specifically for stories shared by Oorvani Foundation.


Credit text in all partners’ publications (online/print) e.g.

By <Author Name>
(c) Oorvani Foundation/Open Media Initiative. Also online at <link to article>
Link to Oorvani Foundation should be given by online publications.
The link to the article is to be provided if the article is first published in Citizen Matters or India Together

If an article is developed by the partner, based on journalism content provided by Oorvani Foundation:
Oorvani Foundation/Open Media Initiative has also contributed to this article. The original article is available online at <link to article>

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